During the Winter of 1992 I knew that I wanted to be a meteorologist…

It was the early 90’s and there was so much snow it seemed like it would never stop in southern Maine. We had a snowmobile and I loved every minute of it. So I chose to move back to northern NJ with my Dad and get serious about my education by transferring to Seton Hall Preparatory High School in West Orange, NJ. This is where I learned the fundamentals of my studies and worked hard to get accepted into SUNY Oneonta in central New York. I graduated the State University of New York at Oneonta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology. Shortly after graduation I landed a freelance job working behind the scenes at WPIX-TV in New York City. That was where I learned how to make graphics and was challenged to forecast for the number one market in the Country. 2 years later I accepted my first-on air meteorologist job at WETM-TV in Elmira, NY. It was a small market, but only a couple of hours from where I went to college. I learned the ropes and forecasted many snowstorms.

I went back home to Maine to help open a family restaurant and ended up working part-time at WMUR-TV and WMTW-TV. I got to work in the place I first fell in love with the weather years ago. It was a dream.
Then, I was offered a Chief Meteorologist position in WV and had to take it. I learned a lot down south. We also got more than 130 inches of snow that Winter, the most ever recorded.
So I went back home a year or so later to work on the Golf Course in Kennebunkport. I learned a lot working outside and living and breathing my hyper-local forecasts. It was a humbling experience.

Then, I got the call to head into the deep south…GA. I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t. My career took off at WJBF-TV. I was given an opportunity to grow. To fail and succeed. I grew the most in Augusta, GA and learned a lot about many things. The best part was learning from George Myers, John Lynn, Brad Means about professionalism and work ethic.

After more than 2 years I took a promotion to the upstate of SC at WSPA-TV and met some amazing people in my three years time there. I made friendships with people that mean the world to me. There were hurricanes I tracked for weeks, a snowstorm on my first day of work, everything you could think of.

My next stop took me to being the chief meteorologist in hurricane country on the Gulf Coast where Mother Nature has humbled me beyond belief. 

Currently, I'm back home in Maine where I fell in love with nor'easters 30 years ago as a kid. This may seem crazy to some, but I can't wait for Winter. There's an old saying in Maine..."If you can't handle the Winter, you don't deserve the Summer."

I welcome the challenges that come next. Thank you. 

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